Baltimore City

The City of Baltimore is one of the seven jurisdictions within the Central Region. Though almost entirely surrounded by Baltimore County, from a governance perspective, the City of Baltimore is a separate jurisdiction, not part of Baltimore County. The City of Baltimore is densely urban, but with pleasant parks scattered throughout. The Inner Harbor area is the heart of the tourist district.

eBird does not provide separate listings for the City of Baltimore, but lumps the city with Baltimore County, which has 371+ species reported on eBird. For the county eBird checklist, eBird hotspots, and more, click here.

The Baltimore Bird Club was the founding chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society, and the Baltimore City and County remain a hub of active birding in Maryland. Baltimore consistently ranks in the top 3 jurisdictions in Maryland in terms of number of eBird checklists submitted.

View a comparison of Maryland counties based on total number of species reported on eBird.

The city is surrounded by the Baltimore Beltway/I-695, most of which actually lies in Baltimore County, and which is the main transportation corridor for the area. I-95 and US Route 40 both go through the city almost due east and west. I-83 enters Baltimore from the north; I-295/Baltimore-Washington Parkway enters from the southwest; and I-895 enters from the south. Two tunnels carry traffic under the Inner Harbor: the Harbor Tunnel carries I-895 and the McHenry Tunnel carries I-95.  NOTE: as of Spring 2019, there is heavy construction in and around the Harbor Tunnel and motorists are advised to take other routes. This is a multi-year project and will continue into 2021. For updates, see

Counties adjacent to the City of Baltimore are Baltimore County to the west, north, and east; and Anne Arundel County to the south.

To view the State Highway Administration’s printable road map of Baltimore City (PDF format), please click here. A convenient map of all city parks in Baltimore is available at

The local chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society is the Baltimore Bird Club . The Baltimore Bird Club is the founding chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society, and remains an important hub of birding activity in the state.

Explore birding sites in the City of Baltimore by choosing from the list below.  See also the separate page for birding sites in Baltimore County.