Cecil County

Cecil County is one of the seven jurisdictions within the Central Region, and is located in the northeast corner of the State of Maryland. In some classifications, Cecil County is considered part of the Eastern Shore, not the Central Region, because it lies east of the Susquehanna River, widely considered the upper portion of the dividing line between the Western and Eastern Shores of the Chesapeake Bay. But we have included Cecil County as part of the Central Region here in keeping with the classification used by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Cecil County has 320+ species reported on eBird. For the county eBird checklist, eBird hotspots, and more, click here.

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The northwest corner of the county is on the Piedmont Plateau, and the remainder on the Coastal Plain. Much of the land is agricultural, but there are heavily forested sections, and growing areas of suburban development. The county is located at the head of the Chesapeake Bay, where the Susquehanna River on the western county border flows into the Bay. Five major rivers define the county: the Susquehanna, the Big Elk, the Little Elk, the Bohemia, and the Sassafras.

Cecil County is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north; Delaware to the east; Harford County, MD to the west; and Kent County, MD, to the south

I-95 runs northeast-southwest through the county, and MD Route 273 goes east-west through the northern section. MD Route 272 and MD Route 213 are major north-south arteries.

To view the State Highway Administration’s printable road map of Cecil County (PDF format), please click hereies

The local chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society is the Cecil Bird Club.

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