Garrett County

Garrett County, the westernmost of Maryland counties, is characterized by large state parks and forests, wooded mountains and deep valleys, and crystal-clear rivers and reservoirs. Numerous hunting areas dot the county, along with former coal strip mines that have been closed and re-vegetated, creating scrub-shrub habitat.

Garrett County has 290+ species reported on eBird. Many of the specialty birds of Garrett County can be found nowhere else in the state. For the county eBird checklist, eBird hotspots, and more, click here.

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Garrett County is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, West Virginia to the west and south, and Allegany County, MD, to the east. The county seat is the town of Oakland, located in the southwestern part of the county. Deep Creek Lake is the heart of a tourist area with extensive lodging options. Other lodging can be found in towns along I-68/US Route 40, which runs east-west through the northern part of the county.

To view the State Highway Administration’s printable road map of Garrett County (PDF format), please click here.

The local chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society is the Allegany-Garrett Counties Bird Club.

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