List of Contributors

The Birder’s Guide to Maryland & DC has been produced by an all-volunteer team of MOS members and friends. The only expenditures have been fees for web development, hosting, and maintenance. MOS is extremely grateful to all who have given freely of their time and knowledge to produce this Birder’s Guide and bring it to the public.

We are especially grateful to Bonnie Ott of the Howard County Bird Club for her photo of a Baltimore Oriole that graces the top banner of the home page. Also to Joanne Solem for her essay dedicating the website to the memory of Chandler and Eleanor Robbins.

Site Description Contributors: The following individuals contributed site description material for the Birder’s Guide to Maryland & DC. Parentheses indicate counties for which each person contributed descriptive information. Any omissions are unintentional. Please let Marcia Watson know of contributors who should be added.

  • Harry Armistead (Dorchester)
  • Suzanne Baird (Dorchester)
  • Tyler Bell (Calvert, St. Mary’s)
  • Wayne Bell (Caroline, Talbot, Worcester)
  • Debby Bennett (Caroline)
  • Scott Berglund (Howard)
  • Brad Beukema (Montgomery)
  • John Bjerke (Montgomery)
  • Mike Bowen (Montgomery; also statewide eBird hotspot consultation)
  • Andrew Brown (Calvert)
  • Kathy Brown (Frederick)
  • Brent Byers (Baltimore County)
  • Paul Bystrak (Somerset)
  • Kathy Calvert (Frederick)
  • Tim Carney (Baltimore, Queen Anne’s)
  • Carole Flood (Carroll)
  • Michel Cavigelli (Prince George’s)
  • Don Christopher (Washington County)
  • J.B. Churchill (Allegany, Garrett)
  • Barry Cooper (Washington, DC)
  • Cathy Cooper (Talbot)
  • Joan Cwi (Baltimore City, Baltimore County)
  • Mark Eanes (Allegany)
  • Ward Ebert (Howard)
  • Bill Ellis (Carroll)
  • Walter Ellison (Kent)
  • Mark England (Montgomery)
  • Fred Fallon (Calvert, Prince George’s)
  • Chad Fike (Garrett)
  • Mary Ann Fluke (Baltimore County, Harford)
  • Diane Ford (Queen Anne’s)
  • Shirley Ford (Washington)
  • Gail Frantz (Baltimore)
  • Maren Gimbel (Queen Anne’s)
  • Jim Green (Montgomery)
  • Ron Gutberlet (Somerset)
  • Matt Hafner (Harford)
  • Joe Hanfman (statewide details)
  • Bill Hill (Howard)
  • Bill Hubick (statewide recommendations)
  • Anna Hutzell (Washington)
  • Barbara Johnson (Anne Arundel)
  • Mark Johnson (Harford)
  • Dennis Kirkwood (Harford)
  • Wallace Kornack (Washington, DC)
  • Peter Lev (Baltimore County)
  • Gail Mackiernan (Washington, DC)
  • Nancy Magnusson (Howard)
  • Tom Marko (Montgomery)
  • Nancy Martin (Kent)
  • Jeffrey Marx (Carroll)
  • CJ McAuliffe (Carroll)
  • Sean McCandless (Cecil)
  • Georgia McDonald (Baltimore County)
  • Thomas Miller (Howard)
  • Ann Mitchell (Washington County))
  • David Moulton (St. Mary’s)
  • Dotty Mumford (Somerset)
  • Matthew Perry (Prince George’s)
  • Dave Powell (Montgomery)
  • Andy Rabin (Montgomery)
  • George Radcliff (Dorchester)
  • Gemma Radko (Frederick, Montgomery)
  • Colin Rees (Anne Arundel, Caroline, DC, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Worcester)
  • Jan Reese (Talbot)
  • Sue Ricciardi (Anne Arundel)
  • Mark Scallion (Talbot)
  • Gene Scarpulla (Baltimore County)
  • Bob Schaefer (Frederick)
  • Kurt Schwarz (Frederick, Howard)
  • Jay Sheppard (Anne Arundel)
  • Dan Small (Queen Anne’s)
  • David Smith (Frederick)
  • Joanne Solem (Howard)
  • Scott Stafford (Washington, DC)
  • Marcy Stutzman (Anne Arundel)
  • Rick Sussman (Montgomery)
  • John Taylor (Cecil)
  • Matt Tillett (Garrett)
  • Mike Walsh (Wicomico)
  • Marcia Watson (Cecil, Charles, Prince George’s)
  • Dave Webb (Harford)
  • Dave Weesner (Washington County)
  • Paul Woodward (Montgomery)
  • Michele Wright (Howard)

Birder’s Guide to Maryland and DC Committee Members

The MD/DC Birder’s Guide Committee was established by MOS circa 2007 and was active through 2016. Membership changed from year to year; all of the people listed below served on the committee at one time or another and contributed to the development of the Birder’s Guide website.

  • Marcia Balestri
  • Wayne Bell
  • D. H. Michael Bowen
  • JB Churchill (Website Developer)
  • Sarel Cousins
  • David Curson
  • Joan Cwi (Former Chair & Webmaster)
  • Fred Fallon
  • Mary Anne Fluke
  • Shirley Ford
  • Kevin Graff
  • Maureen Harvey
  • Barbara Hopkins
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Mary LaMarca (deceased)
  • Peter Lev
  • Helen Patton
  • Colin Rees
  • Kurt Schwarz
  • John Taylor
  • Robin Todd
  • Marcia Watson

Website Development

Initial Developer: JB Churchill (Allegany-Garrett Bird Club)
Design and Initial Editing: Joan Cwi (Baltimore Bird Club)
Redesign Developer: Gabe Seiden (Connect4 Consulting)
Current Webmaster/Editor for the Birder’s Guide: Marcia Watson (Patuxent Bird Club): (

Please send comments, updates, and requests to add new sites to Marcia at the email above.