The following are the species considered endangered, threatened or in need of conservation (ETI) in the State of Maryland as of December 2016. Please note that this is NOT the Federal endangered species list. This list was compiled by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Heritage Division. The DNR list and documentation provides information on global status, US status as well as suggestions on documenting sightings of ETI species.

MOS Goshawk Fund

Beginning in June 2011, MOS solicited and received donations towards reward money for information leading to the arrest or prosecution of the poacher who shot a female nesting goshawk in Garrett Co. In late 2012, MD Dept of Natural Resources determined that discovery of the poacher was unlikely at that point. When the donors were asked if they wanted the funds back, 99% of them opted to have MOS use the funds for Goshawk conservation.

In early 2013, MOS member Dave Brinker submitted a proposal for digital video monitoring of nesting Northern Goshawks, and he was given the funds to proceed under MD DNR oversight. Dave purchased gear and assembled the remote nest monitoring systems. He reported that because no Northern Goshawk nests were located in Maryland this spring, MD DNR loaned the nest monitoring systems to the Central Appalachian Goshawk Project for use in the Allegheny National Forest in northwestern PA. See the September/October 2013 Yellowthroat for an article about preliminary results of the spring 2013 nest camera operations.

Dave forwards a big THANK YOU to all who made this project possible. He stressed that the MOS goshawk fund was the seed that got this effort up and running and catalyzed cooperation between a diverse set of organizations and individuals involved in the project.